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Structural Repairs

Structural repairs require a combination of technical expertise, experience, and a thorough understanding of masonry materials, techniques and intricacies. The goal of these repairs is to not only address damages but also to restore the structure’s functional value and, when possible, its aesthetic appeal. The process begins with a comprehensive inspection and assessment of the structure to identify and address damage caused by factors such as weathering or aging. We work closely with engineers to analyze structural integrity and develop a repair plan, carefully selecting appropriate materials for seamless integration. Emphasis is placed on minimizing disruption to the existing structure and current tenants.

Catenary Construction Corp. uses a wide range of techniques such as repointing, crack repair and brick replacement to restore stability. Additionally, waterproofing measures, such as sealants, flashings and coatings, may be applied to prevent moisture-related damage. Stabilization measures, such as shoring systems, structural member replacement (lintels, steel bracing, masonry coated steel) and reinforcement, may be implemented for structurally compromised areas. Typically, professional contractors or masons handle such projects to ensure that the repairs are executed effectively and in compliance with building codes and safety standards.

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