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Cleaning and Waterproofing

Concrete and masonry work is often meant to last a lifetime.  While it may be a truly durable material, it is often exposed to an unrelenting barrage of elemental attacks.  Brick and stone work can easily begin to look dingy, dark, and in need of a little attention.  This is especially true if it hasn’t been cared for in a century.  Fortunately, at Catenary Construction we know exactly how to make even the oldest stonework look brand new.

Cleaning may be an aesthetic issue but waterproofing is a structural one.  Many masonry and concrete materials are surprisingly porous, leaving plenty of room for moisture to build up.  This can lead to a great variety of issues including mold, flooding, and severe structural damage.  We have the tools and experience needed to waterproof almost anything.  Contact us today, you’ll be glad you didn’t wait.

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