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Masonry Stabilization

Masonry stabilization refers to addressing and rectifying structural instability in buildings or walls to ensure the long-term safety and integrity of masonry structures. Caused by various factors, common instabilities include foundation settlement, water damage, freeze-thaw cycling, structural overload, and material deterioration.

Uneven settling of foundations, for instance, can be countered through underpinning techniques, while water damage can be mitigated by prompt leak repairs, effective waterproofing measures, and improved drainage systems. To combat the effects of freeze-thaw cycles, the introduction of expansion joints helps accommodate thermal movements and reduces the risk of cracking. Structural reinforcements, such as steel braces, can be added to distribute loads evenly, while addressing material deterioration involves repairing or replacing damaged components and applying protective coatings.

Catenary Construction Corp. works closely with structural engineers in identifying instability issues, creating an action plan and executing all remedial items. We are well versed in multiple facets of construction, allowing us to perform the full scope for stabilization projects extending outside of just masonry. With Catenary, there is no need to coordinate multiple trades to complete the stabilization.

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