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CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) refers to a standard size rectangular block used in building construction and is popularly known as concrete blocks. Often used in the construction of load-bearing walls and partitions in buildings, CMUs can be laid using mortar to form a strong, durable wall. The hollow cores can be filled with concrete or insulation materials to enhance strength or insulation. CMU masonry is a popular and versatile construction method with widespread use in various types of buildings due to its strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Catenary is capable in both above and below-grade CMU construction.

Above-grade CMU walls typically consist of stair towers, elevators, firewalls, structural exterior walls, and partition walls using various scaffolding (Hydro Mobile, Tubular Welded and Systems Scaffold). Our team is trained & certified to erect all of these scaffold types, allowing Catenary to perform the full scope of above-grade CMU work. 

Below-grade CMU walls are typically part of a foundation system. Infrastructure relies on masonry for a sound foundation. Catenary Construction Corp. can execute all facets of a foundation system.

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